Cannot set "no star" in PL4 if "star" is set in camera

If “star” (either 1 to 5) is set in camera (Nikon D850), I can change number of stars in PL but cannot set to “no star”. If “star” is not set in camera, I can set any number of stars in PL. It is also possible reset to “no star” after “star” (either 1 to 5) is set in PL.

Thanks for any reply!

PhotoLab does read but not write metadata contained in raw image or .xmp sidecar files. This ensures that PhotoLab stays non-destructive, no matter what you do with it.

That shouldn’t prevent you from setting any star rating you want in PL after its read the initial values from the raw file.

@JamesWong, I’ve seen the same thing in PL3 (haven’t looked in PL4 yet) on Mac, although the ratings are read from xmp files written by LR6 in my case. I can right click and select 0 stars, but the UI then reverts to the number of stars in the xmp (which a tooltip confirms) instead of what I selected. Bad behaviour IMO.