Cannot see my support requests on DxO website

I can no longer find a link to my previous support requests on DxO website, when I click on an icon that implies they will be displayed I just get thrown around in a loop. Can you no longer view your previous support requests?

I got into what appeared to be a loop, but when I entered my DxO login a second time I got logged in and was then able to see all my support requests.

Try clearing your browser’s cookies for I go to and use the link at the bottom of the page to see my support requests. Then I log in and all is well. This was broken for a really long time but works now.

Tried my tickets and works, useful as I found they had closed one unsolved ticket so reopened it. No wonder many customers say they don’t here from support if they are just closing them rather than solving them.

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Hmmm, they shouldn’t just close a ticket without an explanation. Is that what happened? Support normally closes tickets if there’s nothing else for them to do. For example, it’s just feedback to DxO. Or a bug is reported to the developers and they will not be delivering a fix quickly to the customer for testing. Or a problem is very difficult to reproduce and not enough info has been obtained to fix it. Or something else that the support team can’t move forward.

Its the withdrawl of distances adjustment for most sony e lenses its accpted thats the case and last heard of the lens team is looking at it.

Now see how they are doing it, I had a reply then had this fallow up " Hello,

The automatic message processing system has determined that no reply has been received in the last 4 days. This automatically scheduled reminder was sent to notify you that the ticket will be closed via an automatic process in 4 days unless you reply before then."
There was nothing about needing to reply to the original one it was just saying they were waiting for a response from the developers, sneaky!

I’ve occasionally had that experience, too. It’s sloppy, but I don’t think it’s intentional. (Support has apologized and/or corrected the situation when it happened to me and I posted a reply before the ticket was closed.) When the process works correctly, the support agent posts an update to the ticket saying that the investigation has gone as far as it can for now and so the ticket will be closed. Communication should be clear like that.