Cannot read DNG files that were exported by DxO with FilmPack

I am using DxO 11.4.5 build 74 on an older iMac. Last year I processed raw files from an Olympus Pen F with FilmPack and exported as DNG. Lightroom can read the files fine, but now DxO complains “This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DxO Optics Pro”. That seems like a bug to me. Anyone else have this issue? I rechecked that I have the modules I need for the PenF and lens.

It’s not a bug, although it looks weird for users: PhotoLab 3 still cannot read the DNG exported by DxO’s own software.

As @Lucas pointed out even PhotoLab 3 does not support reading the DNGs it creates.

It’s great that you are still content with the functionality of Optics Pro 11. There have been a number of significant improvements since that version, and in a couple of months DXO should be releasing a new upgrade version, PhotoLab 4, which is the rebranded name for Optics Pro. You might want to consider downloading the trial at that time to see if an upgrade to the most current version would be right for you.