Cannot open ANY image files

It’s been a while since I did any photo editing, having been concentrating on other things for a while.

Today I came back to Photolab 6 to edit a file - and I cannot open ANY files.

My .CR2 Canon images cannot be opened. Even JPG files cannot be opened.
All the image tiles have the “Loading error” message. The main pane says “EXIF data cannot be read or is corrupted”. Weird - last time I used it, it was fine.

Has something changed? Is there a known workaround or simple user error?


Is PL6 up-to-date? I’m wondering if your image files got corrupted somehow. Can other image viewers open the files? Do the images have any corruption in them when you do this?

PL6 is up to date - latest.17 version - and irrelevant as it has worked for the last year and there is no reason the same version should stop working because an update has been released (unless you are a conspiracy theorist :slight_smile: )

the files or piece Windows Photos, IrfanView, Paint, Photoshop, KdenLive as an image etc etc

And the same is true whether I open from local disk, or any one of 3 NAS devices.

Could be a corruption in PhotoLab. Try reinstalling the the same version of PL6 you are currently using and select the repair feature. See if that helps.