Cannot load image file

The previous version can open this diagram normally, and it cannot be opened after the updated version
I‘m new I can’t send images

Which version of PL and which image type?

…you could put the file(s) on a shared/cloud folder and post a link.

Actually, it’s like this: I opened the RAW file of Canon R5 and it had a thumbnail. Then, it seemed to be using DXO optical correction during the process, and then it showed ‘cannot load image file’. After that, the RAW file could not be opened. Some of these RAW files could not be opened normally in Lightroom and showed that they were already damaged. At this time, I checked the modification time of the RAW file and found that the RAW file was modified at the time when I opened it with DXO. My current solution is to keep a copy of the original RAW file while PL is running, and directly overwrite the existing file with that original RAW file. In this way, the picture is normal again. Now this happens really frequently and I don’t quite understand it.

PL 6.8 CR3
my device is EOS Canon R5

Normally, PhotoLab is non-destructive and has no way of editing the original file, RAW , TIFF or JPEG.

Are you sure you aren’t reading the “opened” date?

Are you using the full sized RAW format, or CRAW?

You really need to either post a file here or on an image sharing platform.

From what I read, I conclude that compressed raw format is causing the issue. Don’t use compressed raw and DPL should be able to do its job.

Read the following for details:

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