Cannot install Nik Collection in MacOS Big Sur

I’ve upgraded to macOS 11.0 for my test machine and I’ve tried to install Nik Collection on the system. It looks like the checking tool doesn’t look for 11.0 only OS’s in the 10.x range.
Is there a hot fix for this?

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It works for others:

Try searching “big sur” in the forum; there are several hits.

I believe its an installer issue post BigSur install vs the Nik having an issue - see the screenshot

Sorry, this problem is beyond my capability. There are a few hits in the forum, but most are 2 years old. Unless someone else responds to your post, you’ll have to wait until Monday; contact tech support.

It’s a bug in that the installer says you need a newer MacOS and indeed you have one. But the latest product release notes explicitly list only 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15 as supported:

@jamhen2, PhotoLab is a different product - this problem concerns the Nik Collection.

The issue seems to be with the installer indeed.

I’ve updated a Catalina volume, on which PhotoLab and Nik were installed, to BigSur Beta.
PhotoLab and the Niks started without issues. Did not test thoroughly though.

Hi ! I try to run the installer again with the latest Big Sur Beta 6 update and still the same issues…

Did someone succeed ton manualy install the soft ?

Thanks a lot !

I’d not try it, but wait until DxO comes up with an installer that works with Big Sur.

While the macOS Big Sur Beta installer can handle an update from Catalina, a manual install of the Niks on Big Sur might be challenging because of the structure and security of the new volume scheme.

I’m fairly sure that DxO is working hard to get its products ready for Big Sur - whenever it will get out of beta. I hope that Big Sur will be much better than a common understanding of its abbreviation: BS :wink:

Hello, indeed it works when we update Catalina directly with Big Sur, I tested it. But if you perform a clean installation with big on your disk, it becomes impossible to install the Nik Software collection again. The launcher always indicates a MacOs version problem. I can’t see anything on the forums or on the publisher’s site. Do you have any information please? an update ? Big sur will be available in final version in October … an update would be welcome!

Now that macOS Big Sur is officially released, any eta on when the Nik installer will support Big Sur?


Have updated to Big Sur. Nik was working ok after the upgrade. Uninstalled Nik so as to follow the instructions to get it working with Affinity Photo. Will not reinstall, installer just hangs. What is the fix DxO? You are still selling it so presumably it can work. although clearly it does not as I have just re-downloaded the installer and that too failed.


The current Nik installer is not yet ready for Big Sur, but the apps are. DxO will certainly come up with a revised version that can install on Big Sur. I’d not hold my breath though :wink:

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[quote=“platypus, post:12, topic:14318, full:true”]
The current Nik installer is not yet ready for Big Sur, but the apps are. DxO will certainly come up with a revised version that can install on Big Sur. I’d not hold my breath though :wink:
That being the case (and I await a response from Support) why are they still selling it? And if there is an indeterminable wait can I have a refund please?


Having only just purchased Nik Collection am unable to install due to me doing a fresh install of Big Sur, Please update, Many thanks

Same issue for me after doing a clean install of big sur, the nik installer states it’s not compatible

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Dears, waiting for your prompt clear response regarding the terms of the installer update for Big Sur. What is happening? Are you serious??? 150$ for non installing plugin…

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Hello ! I have the same request ! Please let us instal this wonderful tools on Big Sur :slight_smile:

Same problem here. Honestly I pretty frustrated with the lack of support on this.

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There is a workaround that takes a bit of work.

Open the installer, and when it is at the first screen, where you have the two options of either install or uninstall, right click on Nik and select “Show Package Contents”. A finder window will open , chose “Contents”. Next select “Resources”, and you will see all of the individual install packages. If double click on each one in turn you can install them on Big Sur.

This is where you need to do a bit of work, locate the plugins on your drive and copy them to the plugins folders of whatever version of Photoshop and Lightroom you are using.

I have just done this for a friend and it works for her. The only thing that doesn’t work is the Nik Selective tool in photoshop. You can access the other plugins from the filter menu edit as neccesary and return to whichever software you are using. DO Not use “Brush” as although it appears to work as it would before Big Sur, there is no way of turning off the brush due to there being no Selective tool.

Hope this helps.


In fact, your way to install. I am now struggling for the server to accept my activation code. Speaking of the brush, it always didn’t work. Sometimes plugins suddenly shut down Photoshop. I am surprised that the manufacturer - does not issue corrections, and now he is silent. I don’t know where to contact someone who wanted to answer and have an impact on improving the program.