Cannot export image to file or PS when using Deep Prime XD

I do not get an error message. I see the green line moving on my icon on my taskbar like it is being exported. Then it just turns red, and file is not exported. I am using windows 10, and I am using Photolab Elite version 6. I have tried exporting as a TIFF and a dng, both not working. I CAN export and image using Deep Prime, but not Deep Prime XD. Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz, 48 gigs of RAM, plenty of space on all my hard drives, 211 gigs on my C drive, over 1TB on my D drive and 1-2 TBs on my 3 externals. My GPU is Radeon TM RX 580, which has 8 gigs of VRAM. I paid for version 6 just to use the Deep Prime XD. What is going on?

Hi Vicki. The RX 580 may only be partially supported. Please check Preferences, Performance tab, DeepPRIME Acceleration dropdown menu.

If it is only partially supported you may have to use THE HACK contained in this article. Scroll down the page about 1/3 of the way down to find it.

The RX 480 and RX 580 (essentially the same, with the 580 being an optimized version) are fully supported according to the Preferences menu. But RX 4/580 + AMD drivers + DxO PL is a nasty combination.

I suggest you download driver version 22.10.1 using this direct link from AMD:

This will also install AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition. In there, there’s one setting that can improve performance, as in limit the number of driver crashes.

  1. In the AMD Radeon software, go to settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner).
  2. Select tab Graphics
  3. On the bottom of the page, you’ll find a collapsible menu Advanced. Expand that
  4. The second the last option is GPU Workload. Default setting is Graphics. Change this value to Compute

Apply the settings. The driver will now restart. It should fix most of the crashes.

But is also differs a lot per driver version. The latest 22.11.2 sucks: a lot of crashes. You can downgrade to 22.10.3 if you already installed the latest.

What’s about this post Cannot export image from DXO Photolab Elite 2.0 build 103 when using deep prime XD - #5 by Wolfgang
Does it still work as you said or is there a change?

One addition to my own post: disable OpenCl when using the RX 4/580.

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I was the same issue with my last Mac Pro 5.1 and RX580
I was decided to sell it and replace it by MBP 16 i9 2019 because never good solution from DLP
I’m still with PL5 at the moment but Prime is now working