Can you keep us up to date

Both sides of the DXO organisation are getting hammered by people complaining about the perceived lack of support over the last 9 months for new products.
This concern is because we love the product and need to stay in brand. We’re now missing support for CR3 M-50 EF-R and a lot of new models and anchor lens replacements that have hit the market this year.
Can you be more open and up front with us on why we are having these delays. I’m sure there are good reasons and the loyal amongst us will appreciate your honesty.
So if its shortage of staff, Problems with new premises, Over running set up times, or whatever just come clean and we’ll try and be supportive instead of moaning all the time.
Happy New Year !


Little surprise this has received no reply.


Sad but true Mike,
Much longer and DXO will be the ideal solution for people with older equipment



Support of Canon EOS R and M50 is commin on the first week of March :slight_smile:
I know we have some catch up to do with equipment support but we try our best to do it.

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I can see the new wave of cameras with adapters enabling other makers lenses fitting to be used must be a nightmare. But its something that I would think any RAW program is going to have to face up to and deal with. I currently use mostly Canon, but being in my mid 70’s can see in future years the increasing weight of the camera and lens is going to get to a tipping point. Its one thing changing body and regular lens’s but to change wildlife lenses is way to expensive and I don’t see they will lose size/weight in the near future. So for me it would make sense, as I have some Sony gear as well to switch to a Sony setup using Canon lenses for the less common occasion. Canon has apparently decided to make it difficult to go the other way and use Sony lenses on the R range.
Indeed we already us an adapted “off road” push chair for my wife’s bird set up as she can’t carry it now so moving the gear is not much problem.
Since using this push chair she has been asked by many photographers how to make the conversion and we have later meet up with one had done so. Photographers are getting older with all the regrettable compilations that results in and we find we have to adapt and the programmers will have to fallow this trend which has been a significant cause of customers wanting the new lighter cameras.

Yes finally! Hoping this will really be a good implementation. Till now processing R files have been a bit cumbersome. Lightrooms conversion keeps changing with every release and still has some problems (black point especially). Capture One looks better but has colour shifts when going into high iso territory, where I need to shoot most of my work. Keeping my fingers crossed that DxO will give me a great conversion.

I fear keeping your fingers crossed waiting for DXO may become a medical issue ! ! !


Comes the EOS R optical modules onlly with RF-Lenses or also with EF-Lenses? The EOS R speaks EF-Language :smile: .


We will release modules for Canon EOS R + RF lenses and EF lenses :slight_smile:

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