Can you have a different default mouse pointer than the Hand?

Maybe I’m missing something, but the default mouse pointer seems to be the Hand, which is a little clumsy when trying to get color readout at precise locations. Is there a way to display a more precise default pointer over the image, like an arrow or crosshairs?

Some of the tool pointers would be better that the Hand, but it looks like any of the tools would do something drastic if I actually clicked somewhere. Is there a tool that’s fairly safe, which will just give you the opportunity do something if you accidentally click with it, rather than just immediately doing something?


  • Yep, that’s true - a ‘hand’ is the default one. I think the best way to get the color readout is a WB pipette.
  • A default cursor is exactly implemented for it - to click anywhere if necessary and to move the image.
    Btw, if you accidentally click with other tool and apply unwanted corrections you can always undo them.

Svetlana G.

Ah, thanks. The pipette does seem like the best option

Small thing, but it would be outstanding if there was the option of a more precise default pointer, with the hand still always appearing when spacebar is pressed.