Can you create Metadata Presets

Is it possible to create and save metadata and IPTC presets so they can be applied at a click of a button and export the values with the image?
I read that this issue was raised as a feature request in October 2021 but only got 43 votes, suggesting it is not of interest to many users here.
Was this feature created or is it in the pipeline for an update?
At the moment I am time consuming to have to enter the same IPTC information/Metadata manually for each image.
I had saved an image in a project to copy the metadata, in order to avoid repeatedly manually entering the same information over and over again, but then you have to navigate back to the target image which is equally frustrating and time consuming.

No news about it, this should have been implemented since the availability of this function.
I do the same, I have model images where I copy the IPTCs and copies in the files to be processed.
I assigned the F7 and F8 keys to copy/paste the IPTC more simply.

Thank you, I guess we can only hope that DxO do come around to this way of managing images, workflow and application by including this feature in future updates!

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