Can we together help out the PhotoLab "Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab" site

Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab is my favorite PhotoLab resource. There is nothing like it.

It pains me to see this message:

This site will not be updated for the new major version DxO PhotoLab 4. However, most of the information presented here remains valid.This site no longer meets modern web standards and I do not have the competence to perform the update. I remain convinced that its original editorial format meets the needs of users.Despite a certain weariness, I want to continue this project. Let me know by email your interest in seeing it stay alive. tuto.dxo [at]

I don’t know what the exact challenges are but I think we as community should help out to update this site and infrastructure to modern standards so we can have a great guide to PhotoLab.

It is by far the best PhotoLab resource on the web and we should keep it going and spread the word.


Agree - it helped me a lot and I am still referring to it if I want to know something.

I just send an email to. I can likely offer hosting and technical help (to some extend depending on the need). I think it is an interesting project since I think PhotoLab deserves to become more known. And that starts with people knowing how to use it well.


Happy to help out in any way I can. I do like and value the tutorial information provided here and it would be great to see it continue being updated to reflect PL updates.

One word of caution - my software development days finished before there was a WWW so I might need some good instructions as to what needs doing :smile:

I t would be great if someone can helpout in modern HTML webbuilding.
i am not that guy but i assume there are more people here who knows something of websitebuilding.



This would be a very good idea. With the proper website development environment (e.g., but not limited to, Wordpress/Gutenburg), it would be relatively easy to update the site to current standards. Coordinating all this might be more complicated…

This could perhaps be hosted on MediaWiki.

Quote: It’s powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customizable, reliable, and free of charge


I like Grav, a flat file CMS which is very easy to maintain.

One of there themes is called “Learn” and it is very simple to setup with a good structure. There is also a version that sync to a Github repository for even easier editing (although I don’t really know how to use GitHub). You can see a demo of this template in action here.

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I would consider a project site on GitHub Pages:

No hosting, PHP, updates, security issues, … Building (based on Jekyll) is done automatically by GitHub. Coordination between authors and version control has no limits thanks to Git.

It’s free and for starters you don’t have to install anything locally, even though working with local tools may be more convenient when things get bigger.

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This is a wonderful idea @florisvaneck!
We are so proud of our community :grinning:

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I have moved heaven and earth on my entire network.
People did come forward and now a guy is working (hard) for me.
I solicited DxO for a financial contribution but no answer. It may be better to maintain my independence.

A new site coming soon :wink:
Thank you all for your interest.

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I can offer Wordpress & also HTML skills. Happy to help.

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@Pieloe is the one who needs help. i am a user of his pages. :slight_smile:


Looks like a lot of good ideas. I took a look at the code and see the issue is likely that the content was put into tables (the way it used to be done). Putting the existing text into properly formatted HTML would not be hard though somewhat time consuming.
I have created webpages from scratch, though now there are very good templates and other services. I personally dislike Wordpress and do not think a CMS is what is needed. Not familiar with some of the other suggestions, but they sound like good ones.
I also find the information on the site useful. Thanks @Pieloe.

Great to hear Pascal.

Still needed to reply to your email. I didn’t check the site for a while so I could not reach out earlier :slight_smile: