Can’t export to disk, other export methods work (optics pro 11 essential)

I am using the DxO OpticsPro 11.4.2 Essential.

Never had this issue before, only started today. Can’t seem to export any images at the moment.

Select Export >> (Export to Disk - Options appears) >> can’t select the left panel Jpeg tick box. therefore the bottom right export is greyed out. Please help.

Very similar to this issue. no solution posted though.


I‘d try with a new output format (create a duplicate) and see if that changes anything. Then I‘d try to reinstall and last but not least, see if OP 11is still supported to run on your current os at all.

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Hello @tsengj,

About all the issue connected to OP11 and earlier versions you should write directly to Support -

But you can try to reinstall OP11 as suggested by @platypus. And I would try one more - (when you uninstall the app, rename/move the following folder: %LocalAppData%\Local\DxO_Labs\ ) then install the app.

Svetlana G.

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I have and am communicating with the team. waiting for their 2nd reply.
@platypus, I have uninstalled it, and have removed the suggested folder above. In fact, i have removed both %programfiles% and %appdata% too. to no avail (as recommended below). Only thing left to try is to clean out the registry, which is the last resort.

I have successfully uninstalled, and cleaned my registry, and reinstalled. the application now works! Whew!. thank you all!


You are welcome :slight_smile:

Closing the post.