Can someone explain the noise model in Deep Prime XD, and how does it interact with the luminance slider?

I’ve read the manual and experimented a bit, but it is still not clear to me what the noise model does. I see on the tiny preview screen that something is happening when I move the slider left or right, but what is changing and what do you look for to optimize it? Is it simply the amount of correction, yet I thought the luminance slider did that?

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It doses the level of detail / smoothing.
DP XD having difficulties to find the good dosage, this slider cancels the possible artifacts.
Proceed by tests.


I haven’t seen a clear explanation of the noise model adjustment, but have found that when using DeepPRIME XD human faces can end up with excessive microcontrast and detail sharpening. Lowering the noise model adjustment reduces this a bit while still applying a good amount of noise reduction to the whole image. If you want more detail sharpening in the image, raising the noise model adjustment will probably have the desired effect. But I don’t think it’s all as simple as that as we’re talking about tuning a complex AI software model.

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@Bleirer I believe you mentioned you were new to PhotoLab. I’d suggest not using DeepPrime XD at all. DeepPrime already does an excellent job of noise reduction and XD mostly adds artefacts. If you shoot a lot of inanimate objects at high ISO which have textured surfaces, XD can be useful in recreating those textured surfaces. XD doesn’t work well on faces or even on the random textures of nature.

I.e. XD is a gimmick.

No worries PhotoLab 6 has better repair tools, which for users like myself who like to finish a photo in PhotoLab is a significant improvement.

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So using XD but adjusting the sliders would still have artiifacts compared to prime?

in my experience it depends on the image. I probably would avoid using it for portraits. DeepPRIME XD’s strength is its ability to resolve very fine clean detail. Often this level of fine detail may not be very obvious at normal zoom levels. However, on cropped, especially heavily cropped, images I find DeepPRIME XD very useful. You need to experiment for yourself on a variety of images to understand what works bets for each one. When I use DeepPRIME XD I almost always keep the default settings.


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