Can PR4 run on a 6Gb graphic card?

I have been upgrading PR since ver 1, and I absolutely love the software. I shoot mostly insects and other macro subjects and it’s allowed me to meet the macro challenges of shooting high ISO over and over. I’ve recommended this product to many other macro users too.

Now I want to download V4 trial to test and probably upgrade but I see that the only thing I do not have on the hardware side is an 8Gb vid card. Mine just has six.

So my question then is:

Is the 8Gb vram graphic card spec a performance issue, or is it a must-have requirement to get the app to work at all?

I believe it’s a recommendation, not a requirement. The graphics card’s GPU is only used for Pureraw’s DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD2 noise reduction. Download the trial. I think you’ll find It will work with no issues. Obviously the more powerful the graphic’s card,
the faster the DeepPRIME exports will be.

What graphics card do you actually have? Since you said it’s only has 6 GB, I am guessing that maybe it’s the GTX 1060?


Thanks for your feedback Mark. Yes, it’s an old GTX 1060. I’ll see what happens with the trial.

Is there anything I need to do about my PR3 installation if I’m going to install the PR4 trial? I don’t want to mess that up if possible.


Although I am familiar with Pureraw I am not currently a user so I can’t help you with what to do about safeguarding your PR 3 installation. Do you have the PR 3 installation files? It is always a good thing to save the installation files for any software you have installed on your computer.


I currently have PR2, PR3 & PR4 installed on my Windows 11 machine, so no problem with parallel installations of the applications. Again the Lightroom Classic plugins for PR2, PR3 & PR4 are also installed correctly.

I have a 6GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super installed, and it works fine with DeepPrime XD/2.



Thanks Patrick. Yes, I just installed the PR4 trial and as you said, there’s no effect on the existing installs. And, it seems to work fine. I do love the preview and extra controls! I think I know where this is headed…