Can PhotoLab replace photoshop in my workflow?

My current workflow for sports is:

Create a Recipe in NIK Color Efex…
In Photoshop: create an action to apply the recipe…
In Photoshop: run a batch process to apply the recipe using the action on around 100-500 photos…

If I upgrade to the new NIK 2 with DxO PhotoLab Essential 2 will I be able to run this workflow somehow using PhotoLab rather than photoshop for the batch process?

I have not used PhotoLab before so I am not sure of its abilities in batch processes nor how fully it integrates with NIK allowing us to drop Photoshop


PL works with Nik by passing a file (typically, a TIFF) to the Nik Tool - - which is then saved, with the results applied by the Nik tool, back to the PL environment.

It’s a file-by-file process. Automating a batch process via PL is not possible.

John M

Short answer… nope.
Can’t compare apples to oranges.
Ps is pixel editor with action, layers, swiss army knife do it all, while PL is raw editor at its best (with some work in progress for fine tuning).