Can PhotoLab 4 create a round image?

Since I have never seen it before in this forum, I assume the answer will be “no”, but can DxO create a round image? Beyond the circular image, the rest of the image could be white, or black, or whatever.

Is there some tool that would allow this?

And if so, could the border of the photo fade away, rather than being a sharp edge?

Maybe this is included in some kind of “border tool”?

I’ve never tried it but perhaps you might be able to accomplish what you want using the Creative Vignetting feature in FilmPack 5 Elite.


No luck yet - I’ll keep searching. That led me to searching for borders, which led to this video:
…using Nik Collection to create borders, but I don’t think that’s going to get me where I want to be.

I’m sure I can send the image to Photoshop, and do it there, but it would be nice if PL4 offered a big collection of borders.

Oh well, if nothing comes of this, it will be interesting to try the Nik Collection border tools. Thank you!

Yes, this can be done with FilmPack’s creative vignetting tool. I use it within PhotoLab - all you need is a FilmPack license. The edges can be white or black (varying intensity), circular or oval or even a rounded rectangle (varying roundness and midpoint), with an adjustable transition.

Great - I did buy the FilmPack - need to find the “creative vignetting tool”. Good news!!! Thank you!

It works! Now I just need to learn how to control it.
Too sleepy to do much more tonight.
I just did something really quick to see if I got what I expected.
I love the way it shows the edges - makes it look somewhat three dimensional, as if it’s floating over the page.

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