Can not uninstall Photolab 3

I get the message “the account already exists” when the uninstaller is run. I’ve run it as administrator as well, same result. Not sure what to do about this. I could do a brute force uninstall by just looking for all references in the registry and file system to PL3, but maybe I am missing something elementary.

If you have to go the brute force route, I can help you with all the folders you have to review In the event that you don’t already know them.


Thanks, I am pretty familiar with the folders and will probably start with Revo Uninstaller and then clean up from there. I was rather hoping this was a known problem at DxO with a simple fix, but since a search here didn’t turn up anything, maybe not.

I suggest doing an Internet search using the words: uninstall account already exists. I got numerous hits. Hope that helps.

I have a suggestion. If you still have the installation file for PhotoLab 3 run it. Since PhotoLab is already installed it should prompt you with an install choice, including repair which is more or less a full restore. Run repair and then see if the normal Windows uninstall works. Even if the PL3 reinstall doesn’t recognize the existence of the installed version it may overlay it anyway and then you can try uninstalling it normally. If this doesn’t work you can proceed to the other options you mentioned. It doesn’t take very long so I think it’s worth a shot.



Here is what I ended up doing. Using this program from Microsoft to fix and run the uninstaller:

Then I used Revo Uninstaller to locate all the left over registry and file’s and delete those entries, and there were many of them. I really don’t understand why official uninstallers don’t do a better job of cleaning up after themselves.

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Oh well, that wasn’t quite enough. I still had lots of registry entries specifically related to PL3 and need to delete them manually.