Can not develop YI M! DNG files

Yes my first MFT camera, after being an ‘iPhone photographer’, was the infamous YM MI camera, because I could buy it for 199 euro (compleet) to learn photography. Even after converting with the Adobe Converter, PLe doen’t read them. Other programs do. I’m a newbie, maybe it has to do with the downloading of modules? I’ve got a better camera now, and this with this no problems.

Welcome Paul,
Micro Four Thirds camera YI M1. You are converting photos from your YIM1 using Adobe DNG or Camera RAW? I don’t see that either supports “YI”. Maybe it doesn’t matter. However, I think Adobe’s intention is support in LR or photoshop.

I suggest you submit some of the photos to DxO support for evaluation.

did some investigation.
The camera is not supported by PL2.
I think that is the problem.
Have to use Affinity Photo for these.
Thanks anyway.

Hi Rick,
thanks for your reply.
I left Adobe because I like PL2 so much more.
So I don’t use the Adobe RAW converter, but use the Adobe DNG Converter.
I’ve included an original photo and a converted one.

O dear, I’m a new user and the ‘Sorry, new users can not upload attachments’ box appears.

I feel the same way, except I never used LR, only photoshop.

Prior to that, I used DPP (Canon gear). Then I started buying Sigma lenses. This is when I discovered PLe. Not sure your YI will ever get support in PL. This issue might be considered a feature request. Here is where you can submit a ticket.