Can modules be turned off?

I tried Photolab a while ago and really liked deepPrime. Thought I would buy PureRAW since I don’t need the full PL: I downloaded the trial, but I find no way to control what other corrections, besides NR, are applied to the photo.

This article says it should be possible to turn off at least lens sharpening and distortion correction. Not true?

Neither do I find a way to see what lens modules are downloaded or if a lens module is applied or not. The button labeled DxO modules does nothing when I click it. What should it do?

Is the trial crippled? If so, where can I read about what amount of control the full version gives me?


I’ve got this explained to me at another forum. I understand how it works now. I think part of the problem was that I didn’t immediately OK pureRAW in my firewall. When I did, that it at first was denied access to the internet had sort of stuck. After rebooting the Modules button works.

Sorry for the noise.