Can I use profiles from Color Checker Passport in PL6

if it is possible to use profiles generated in color checker passport in PL6, should I or is there a downside?

If the profiles are ICC or DCP - The Elite version of PL can import and apply them.

The Essential version can not though.

Would i get the same result by just sending it back to Lightroom and switching the profile there?

Another question, if i sent the file as a tiff to photoshop would the colors render the same as the profile?

No, because you should be treating the RAW file in PL6 and all you need to do is to select the appropriate DCP profile from the Colour Rendering palette.

Why, when you can work on RAW all the way through in PL6, would you bother to create TIFF files?

When you open a raw in PL6 with a dcp profile, and you open a raw in light room or Photoshop with the same profile, the color should be identical, there can be differences regarding the lens profile, default sharpening or noise reduction applied, etc.

When you develop a tiff, the colors will not change anymore, any program will display it exactly the same.

The reason for the photoshop would be to get the raw how i like it then send to photoshop for work in layers, with the rendering from the profile baked in.

So do I have this right: if i use the default profile in PL6 then transfer the DNG back to lightroom and then switch the profile to the color checker one then choose edit in photoshop then the rendering in photoshop will be the color checker colors. In other words no need to install the profile in PL6 if I am sending the DNG back to Lightroom first.

Yes that’s correct.

I did give it a try and had success in installing and using the profiles. What I still don’t understand is why I get a different looking image in terms of overall brightness from the exact same corrections if I send it directly to Photoshop as a 16 bit tiff vs sending it to lightroom first as a dng, checking that the same profile is selected, then choosing edit in photoshop ( with my preferences set for 16 bit tiff output).

the colors seem right though in both.

Any takers?

Every software works differently and can add some processing that alters the looks of an image more or less. The effect is more visible with RAW and DNG files, while TIFF and JPEG look identical in most cases. Adding another app into a workflow increases the probability for altered appearance. If we use more than one app to “treat” our images, we’d better use each app only for what it does best or easiest. Nevertheless, images might appear different in each app, even though the file that is used is the same.

Export DNG in normal gamut , and maybe with the ‘denoise and optical only’ mode selected. Lightroom will handle it basically like a original raw file .

No raw processor is the same . There is no ‘correct’ look for a raw file . So it will always be different.

And applying a dcp or icc seems to expect a different gamma or something , cause I never had a profile look give or take the same in dxo vs other tools.

If you send both the tiff and dng to lightroom are they the same?