Can I reorder palettes?

I’d like to be able to set my order of correction palettes (not sure I am using the right term here). For example I prefer to have the Exposure Compensation first, Contrast second, Smart Lighting third, etc.

Drag and drop does not seem to work. I haven’t found any relevant settings in the menus either. Is there a way to do this?

Mac or Windows? There is a difference.

I am on Windows

may I suggest to establish your own ‘workspace’
Favorites correction sorting - #3 by Wolfgang and more

Are you using the Elite version of PhotoLab? If so, you can create custom palettes. For instance, instead of the standard Light palette you could create you own custom palette with a different name like “My Light”, and insert the tools into it in any order you prefer.

If, however, you are referring to the tools in the Smart Workspace buttons at the top of the right panel, rather than in the standard palettes, you cannot reorder the tools there.


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Thanks, that did it.

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