Can I integrate Topaz Sharpen AI int DxO PhotoLab 6?


I’m using DxO PhotoLab 6 for my RAW editing and noise reduction for several years now, and I find it easy and practical.

I would like to integrate Topaz Sharpen AI into my workflow.

Do you know if it is possible?

What’s the best way to do it while keeping DxO DeepPrime noise reduction and, if possible, all the rest of workflow in DxO PhotoLab?

Since Topaz works with TIFF images, just do everything else in PL, then export to TIFF and open in Topaz.


Adding to what Joanna said, use “Export to application” in PhotoLab (instead of Export to disk) and select the executable for Topaz Sharpen AI. Then PL will export your work to a TIFF file and open the TIFF in Topaz.


@Joanna, Topaz Photo AI does not only work with TIFF files. You can also use JPG (for example). I did this for a while and only ever exported to TIFF. Now it’s too much tedious work for me. I export as normal in JPG and then treat individual images with Photo AI if necessary. I am very happy with the results.


@RandomName Just out of curiosity, Deep prime means you’re working with Raw file.
Don’t you find PL optic module giving you good sharpening results?
Did you find using Topaz improving the end result? Or maybe you are using the upscale feature in Topaz?

I use only PhotoLab for the vast majority of my photos, but occasionally I have a great photo that is not quite sharp or has a tiny bit of motion blur. DxO optical modules can’t do a thing about those, but Topaz Sharpen AI often can.

I use the Export to Application function with the following settings. This is usually after I have fixed other global issues like exposure, white-balance, and noise reduction — things which don’t hinder and may help Sharpen AI.

Once I’m done in Sharpen AI, I click Apply and then I’m dropped back into PhotoLab where the Topaz-processed TIFF file is ready for any further work — at the very least, adding my standard watermark — and final export using my preferred export presets.

I had been using Sharpen AI on some images for which a lens profile wasn’t available. Unfortunately, too often I found it caused oversharpening and the creation of artifacts, which were mostly visible when zoomed in. Now that all my lenses have optics modules I have uninstalled Sharpen AI. I never use it to fix blurry or very soft images even though it excels at that. I am a believer in the old adage that “you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.” While it can save a a shot from the trash bin, which may be important to some people, I find those images too compromised. and don’t bother trying to fix them.


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Thank you all, I’ll try that!

Topaz AI Sharpen has definitely recovered some old files for me that were too blurry. Yet for sharpening, I have got great results with Nik 6 Sharpener Output.