Can I download a "settings file" for an iPhone 11 Pro

No rush, as I’m still learning, but it would be nice if I could download the camera profile for an iPhone 11 Pro. There are three lenses, so this might be difficult.

Hello @mikemyers,

We haven’t done the support of iPhone 11 pro yet so there is no module to download for now.
But cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro are all fix focal, fix aperture and focus will set to infinity for almost photos I guess. So you can create your own presets doing correction of lens sharpness, vignetting and distorsion for each lens and apply them to your photos.


Marie, the good and bad news is that Apple has made the switch between cameras so smooth, one almost doesn’t notice which camera is in use. As I zoom in and out, the switch is just not obvious - it looks like one lens that zooms from ultra-wide to telephoto. Now that I’ve played with it, I can find signs of when the phone switched lenses, but I’m usually not paying attention to that.

PhotoLab displays each image’s metadata in the “EXIF” palette - or more recently in v3 - the “Metadata” palette:


It will be interesting to try to do this with the iPhone 11 Pro. It would need to display both the effective focal length, and which of the three lenses was being used. I’ll try that later today. Thanks!!

Does DPL even read the DNG file though?