Can I create a default preset that opens when I launch

Hi Guys,
it used to be possible to create a default preset with multiple filters that opens as the default preset in color efex. unfortunately I can’t remember how this was done. Does anybody of you know, how to do this ?

In preference, set the preset you want as default

hi Mike, there are no preferences in color efex, only the settings menu and there is no option there to select a preset, so can you point me to it ?

sorry I must had been on my second glass of scotch or thought about PL3 not Nik.
only thing I can set as default when opening is latest first thing you’ve used, mine is “pro contrast” and that you have it check or not, it is the first showing on mine. you can always make your preset and add it to your favourite with a star so its easy to find.

sorry for confusion!

  • in setting:
    default preview mode : use last setting.