Can I change my Favorites

I’m trying out PhotoLab 3. It appears the Favorites in Photolab 3 simply mirror my Finder favorites on my Mac. Is that correct? Is there a way to change that so that I can customize those favorites in Photolab? Most of my Finder favorites are not folders that I will access in Photolab.

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Hi John,
You’re right: the favorites you see in PhotoLab 3 are the same you have in your Finder.
And yes, we are aware that users don’t always need them in PL. This is something that can be improved…


Just found this “old” thread. I think it is imperative, that for a DAM, you must be able to set your own favorites. Not everybody has a computer reserved for Picture editing. Adobe Bridge might be a good example. Otherwise, the function is of no value and should be dropped.
Similarly, the last used tab in the file menu lists all files which habe been accessed and recorded by the operating system, like excel sheets, word docs etc. It should only list those files last accessed by Photolab.
This is IMHO a prerequisite for any DAM system, not matter how far it is developed. It does not make send to search for f-stops across a database and not be able to define your own favorites or get back to a list of last used Photolab files.
For my purposes, PL-4 is the best development system on the market, but some of these “convenience” items deserve further development.

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This features is still around. It is not just not wanted, but really idiotic if you think about it. How “Applications” be “Favourites” in a photos application.

I have several photo directories that I often work in, and they are “Favourites” that I’d like have in Photolab