Can I apply Fujifilm simulations to Olympus raw files (.ORF)?

Hi guys!

Quick one, as sadly my trial expired and I can no longer test myself: is it possible, using FilmPack 6, to apply a Fujifilm simulation to a RAW file from another brand (Olympus in my case)? Or are those specifically limited to Fujifilm RAW files?

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Hi & welcome,

with a pic, taken with a Nikon D300S in this case
Screen Shot 07-04-22 at 01.40 PM

I chose Color Rendering β†’ Digital films - FilmPack (= FP6)
Screen Shot 07-04-22 at 01.41 PM

and could select from


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Good afternoon Wolfgang,
Thank you for your reply. That sounds like a β€œyes” to me! :slight_smile: