Camera Profiling in PL7

The camera profiling in PL7 makes my photos brighter. A perfect photo of a Calibrite (X-Rite) Classic Profiling card, makes the photos go 1 Ev brighter. So why would the profiling adjust the brightness? Colors I understand, but this seems to be a bug.

Using MAC Monterey PhotoLab 7.

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that changing the white balance can substantially change which areas of a photo are clipped. I usually set whit balance near the start, but if I forget and change later, I often have to re-balance my light levels.

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Might be a mac bug? Its fine for me on Windows.

As mentioned by @zkarj, tonal impression can change and this depends on the image as well. I don’t remember drastic changes asking for 1EV corrections though. Maybe you could share a copy of your raw file @Sir-Peter? We could then check if we get the same change or deal with an individual issue.

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The usual answer is that you have more reflected light on your target than you think.