Camera Noise Reduction & Lens Compensation settings to disable or not to avoid duplicating corrections with PureRAW ?

Hi All,

To get the best of DeepPRIME XD on denoising and processing optical corrections (vignetting, chromatic aberration and lens distortion), is it recommended to change the camera settings to avoid duplicating those corrections (1st within the camera then by PureRAW) ?

Like many other cameras my Sony A7R V has High ISO and Long Exposure NR settings as well as Lens Compensation for vignetting, chromatic aberration, and lens distortion.

On the other hand, PureRAW uses DxO Optical Modules and we have a risk of over optical corrections if the camera settings are not defined in line with what DxO/PureRAW expect!


Hello and welcome @spicefinder

RAW is unprocessed. DeepPrime works with RAW.

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