Camera module updates version 2 photolab

why can I not get a camera module for my olympus omd 5 mkiii in version 2 of photolab but I can if I upgrade to version 3. I can’t believe that there are so many differences between the 2 versions. I’d like to be able to use the software i have bought for a reasonable time without always having to shell out for an upgrade

it has nothing to do with differences between the two versions of Photolab. As a general rule, most post processing software publishers, not just DXO, stop support updates to older versions of their software once new versions become available. The usual exception to that rule are occasional bug fixes. Lightroom, as an example, is no different in that respect.


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Hello @davidc282 and welcome to the forum,

I have nothing to add to Mark’s explanation as he is totally correct.

Svetlana G.

Lightroom, as an example, is no different in that respect.

But here we want to be better than Lightroom, don’t we ?

Well I assume DxO makes the best out of it. We all know time is money. I am not complaining, just asking to DxO to think if it is really necessary (for 100% of the cameras) because if there is a chance you can do better than the competition and something for your customer at the same time, do not let this chance go.

I don’t want to get into a discussion of what DXO should do to become a more customer friendly vendor. I was just pointing out the current update practice of DXO and most other PP software publishers, including Adobe.



And I totally understand you and your message.
My answer is to make people think, that’s it. We all wish for a better world don’t we ?

I had hoped that there would be some overlap because I think I should not be forced to buy a new version. The camera was released in 2019 and so I would expect 2019’s software to support it. If the camera was released in mid 2020, then I’d be less unhappy but I feel let down by DxO.
By the way the 2019 version of ON1, opens the olympus raw files without problem so I’ll have to use that now.