Camera & Lenses Statistics

I would like to be able to get statistics on the cataloged pictures (camera, lenses, focal length, etc.) based on their EXIF info.

Actually, I wrote a Python script to do so, but that feature integrated into Photolab would be even nicer!

Hello @lomagnon and welcome to the forum,

Please, do not forget to vote for the suggestion.

Svetlana G.

Hello I voted for that although DXO doesn’t (read) notice my olympus equipment from the Exif :disappointed_relieved:, so I have no possibilty to look for photos made with camera or specific lensers or ISO values


Hi @Guenterm, which Olympus Camera & lenses do you own?
I do also have a couple of Olympus equipment (EM-5, EM-1 & EM-5 mkII) of which I can see the metadata on Photolab…

Dear @lomagnon,

thanks for your answer. Reading my 3 days old post I noticed that my description is faulty.
DXO reads the Exif data and I see it in the Metadata palette
But if I want to search for example with the String “E-M5” or searching for “Nikon” I didn’t get a result.
For me that indicates that the Exif data is known inside DPL, but not fully searchable.

I’m working on Windows 10 system.

Are you able to search for camera manufacturer or lens type

I can search for maybe 25 mm but the search results show photos I’ve made with my prime lens as well as the photos I’ve shot with 14-42mm (oly), or 17-35 mm(nikon) at 25mm.

I’m still waiting for fully searchable EXIF with and/or connection

best regards