Camera body setting in Color / Color rendering edit section

In the Color / Color rendering I find it a little frustrating that you can’t set the Category: Camera body in such a way that you don’t need to browse through the large Rendering list for every picture to find your camera (mine is all the way at the bottom). Instead it should be a sort of Import of the bodies you want, just like it is with use of the DCP profiles (and .icc profiles in the Print function). Import what you need and delete from the list if you don’t want to use them anymore.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

You must to create a preset to include color DCP.

That may be what you should do, but the reality is that unless people have multiple cameras this should really be set in preferences as your personal default.

Creating presets for various things simply gives you a list of presets to sort through, which is only slightly better than sorting through the camera model list.

Doesn’t the Preferences>General tab do this?

Preferences has no setting of this feature.
I have included it in my personal standard preset, but this only works for one camera (or group in the long listing). I would prefer that you could sort of import the possibilities so when opening the Rendering field only your personal choices would appear. If you instead of Camera body choose DCP profiles you can import (from the file system) one, two or as many you want and only have them to select from. Much more elegant.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

But you probably don’t need to do that.

The main reason for using this feature would probably be to make your photos looks as though they had been taken by a different camera. Especially if you had been sooting an event with more than one camera and wanted all the photos to have the same look to them, as if they had all been taken on a single camera.

Photos on your own camera already look like they were taken with your camera, so no need to use this setting, unless for artistic purposes.


Hello @jemadsen,

Category: Camera body in the Color / Color rendering is often misunderstood. Its purpose is to provide possibility to apply a rendering of another camera than the one you used to shoot your photo.
Mike1 is correct, if you select a color rendering with your camera in the label it won’t apply anything. It’s meant to be able to harmonize a set of photos taken with different cameras.


OK, thanks for the clearing up. The change I see when selecting my camera is then the resetting from the rendering of the first mentioned camera in the Rendering field, which is set when I set the Category to Camera body.
So this setting when sat to Generic renderings / Camera default rendering should work fully in compliance with the DxO Optics Modules which also takes the camera model into account, the body / lens combo.
Thank you Johannes Elkjaer Madsen