Cache with JPEG files, with original file names, and same directopry structure

DxO Photlab as an extensive cache and a good export of files, but teh structure of teh database is because of the separate RAW files and the DOP sidecars not always handy.

My deepest wish:

  • my normal directories with the oringinal RAW and iincidentely JPEG files

Plus: a setting to be used to maintain a separate database with JPEG file, updated everytime when a photo is edited Photolab, or a setting where a whole directory automatically will be updated (including deleting when deleted in Photolab)

Thus: two or even three databases

  • one with the originals (RAW + DOP)
  • one with the end-results, ready for further step in the workflow
  • a third on with smaller JPEGs functioning as DxO Photolab cache.

Nowadays the capacity of harddisks is rather unlimited, not always a need to limit the size of a cache.