Buy now or wait?

Yep, I can’t make my mind up. I know that I wanna get the Photolab bundle but I am also aware that there’s a strong possibility that V3 will come out any time soon.

I am aware of the 14 days refund period (as long as you don’t use the activation code).

I asked support and this is the reply I get:


Depending on the date a new version is released, the company decides what date then qualifies for a free upgrade. Unfortunately, we do not know these dates ahead of time.


DxO Customer Support

So yeah… What to do?

Can V3 be any worse than V2?


PL3 won’t be worse than PL2 for sure :wink: As for to buy or to wait, I strongly recommend you to wait a little bit, PL3 is on the way.

Svetlana G.

Download and run PL2 and upon activation you get 30 days of Elite trial.
Use that until 3.0 is released I would say.

and then 30 others days trial for PL3 :wink:

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Then wait for the Black Friday offer price

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And then still don’t buy it because the features promised won’t be there until the next version. Which you’ll have to pay for again.


And the bug fixes you report that get carried over to the next year so you have to pay to get them.

Yes that’s true. I’ve decided not to upgrade to PL3 unless there are REAL improvements and features, not just bug fixes. I am using this software less and less these days and I never upgraded to the NIK Collection 2 either due to their mis-guided sales team, after all who wants a lower PL2 version than the Elite version I already own bundled in so they can charge an un-realistic price for what was a VERY small change?

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In the past I used two lots of programs that were appalling for introducing bugs with new versions and fixing some of the bugs from the proceeding ones in the update. CorelDRAW was appalling and Serif publisher was as bad if not worse. With the former there was, as their annual update policy had worked and driven other (and often better graphics programs) out of business (or bought them)no real diffrent program you could use. They never really improved but Serif much to my amazement with Affinity has been transformed. They are developing the program, fixing bugs all without regular “new” versions to get customers to pay for them fixing existing bugs (as they used to). Clearly in the end they will have a new version, one that most customers will pay for as they have shown willingness and ability to improve the program. I hope DXO will learn from Serife and not copy CorelDRAW. Not least no matter how good PL is customers whoes cameras/lenses are not supported will be forced to diffrent programs and other programs if they keep improving will overtake PL’s strengths and pull DXO users to them.


Erm, if a member of DxO’s staff is telling people to wait, it’s a big sign that it ought to be a free upgrade to new purchasers now, otherwise sales of 2.x are going to fall off a cliff.

Or maybe because the new version PL3 is coming soon? And by the way, the guys gave good advice to start with a trial version first.

Svetlana G.

Will edits made to files in PL2 render the same in PL3?

Depends on if they upgrade the color engine and/or algoritms like DXO Prime and Clearview (last update went from Clearview to Clearview Plus). I would expect that if you open your files it should be fine untill you re-apply but not 100% sure.

No it is a sign that new version is almost out and that they DON’T want you to buy current version. I think this is bad commercial practice though. Always go for the sale and and give people a free upgrade within grace period. This way you don’t risk losing a customer when another photo applications comes out with update and people are tempted by it. Most people can only spend their money wise.

But fair that they give warning, some companies wouldn’t do either.


  • The corrections from PL2 will be migrated to PL3 as usual (for instance PL1 -> PL2).

Svetlana G.

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should one buy PL3 now at reduced price or wait for 50% off on Black Friday? Any rumors if this deal for Black Friday will come this year, too?

Thanks, Müsli

You’re taking a risk !
Today 80€ to update PL, it’s cheap!

I think I will buy it before November 24th for the reduced price (for me it’s not an update, I am a new customer) but wait for registration until Black Friday so that I can cancel the purchase if there is a 50% off offer.

Muesli - double check if cancelling the purchase is based on the day you bought or on the day you registered. It happened once to me that there was a difference and the difference was not to my advantage


Thanks Sigi!

Bought it last Saturday but did not activate the software, so that I can cancel the order for 14 days. Yesterday I did so due to the better Black Friday offer. I got an answer that they could give me a voucher for the price difference for my next purchase. As I have bought everything I want to have, I replied that I prefer to cancel. From that I got no more reply although I sent one more mail yesterday evening.
Perfect situation, either I buy it now for a second time and end up with two licences if they do not accept my cancellation for any reason or I do not buy the software now and end up with no licence if my cancellation gets processed…