Bulk Export Bug

When I export a number of files, having finished editing (including cropping on some), the resultant jpegs have black crop edges showing. When I do the same individually, the photos export correctly.

Weird, never had such experience ever. Black edges I know only, if I adjust the horizon after a crop, so that the edges appear outside the photo. Sometimes I realise this first after the export, when watching the photo again. But this has nothing to do with the export itself.

You are correct that I have adjusted horizons on some. However, the images were then cropped to remove the edges (PL5 cleverly automatically provides the largest rectangle). No dark edges in PL5 after edit and before export. Only shown when bulk exporting.

Really very strange, especially since in the export menu the settings are the same, whether single or multiple.

No problems here.

Hi Bob - - This is just a guess …

Is it possible that you selected all/multiple images with the intention of Exporting them all - but, just before you did so, you changed the crop on the currently visible image (not realising that the change would impact all currently selected images) ??

John M


I have for certain done this more than once. It’s nice to be able to adjust one property on a number of files … until it isn’t! Undo doesn’t seem to handle it either.