Bugs introduced in latest PL5 update 5.16.1 build 100

I had been reluctant of updating PL5, as it has been working very stable for me (I think my last version was build 99).

Now I did update, and I am already regretting it. There seem to be so many bugs introduced, I am not sure, if they are all new, or if some of them have always been there on the Mac version and I remember it incorrectly, as I had been working for a long time with the Windows version.

For example, now when I create Control points, and change the size of the points, the image becomes all blurry, until I let go of the mouse! It’s a nightmare!

Another example, when I switch from one Color Rendering (e.g. Generic) to another one (e.g. Color Positive Films) and then back to Generic, it will always jump to the Neutral color profile! Before it was remaining on the previously selected profile. So annoying!!!

Another thing, I am not sure if this is a Mac thing, or if that was working before the update. Before I could use my keyboard arrows to switch between different renderings. That is not working anymore!! I have to always use my mouse to reopen the rendering list! Another nightmare!!

Besides, the camera list became so wide, it is filling half of my screen!! Before it was always a narrow list that just went over my toolbox:

These are just things I noticed after using the program for 5 minutes. I do not want to know how many more bugs were introduced.

Does by any chance someone still has the Photolab installer of version 5 build 99 ?

There’s an option in preferences about “image quality” or something like this (don’t remember the name) you could try to enable (if exists on mac - a checkbox on PC) and which could maybe solve this problem.

You are referring to this.


Thank you Mark and JoPoV, that option fixed the blurry image. Unfortunately all other mentioned bugs still remain. I had tested it with the Windows version, and all mentioned problems are not existing on the Windows version of PL5! So now I do not know if it is my memory that plays me wrong, as I had not much used PL on Mac, or if this has been introduced by a the new update.

A user (I do not know if he/she wants to remain anonymous?) kindly provided me a 5.16.0 build 99, but the problems were still there. I do not remember exactly which version I had before I updated, I remember it had a 9 in it, so I thought build 99, but maybe it was 5.15.9 ? Or are these problems really all existing on the Mac version? If that is the case, that would be even worse… :confused:

If someone still has 5.19.x , I would be happy to try it out.