Bugs?: 75% to 90% DeepPrime2 fail

Windows 11, AMD Threadripper 24 core, 128GB mem, ~5.5TB of SSD, only a GTX960. All drivers are up to date. Happy to provide more info, or reproduce. I have the graphics settings for PR2 set to Performance in windows settings.

When PR2 fails it just list the images that it did not process, but no reason. Without a reason it is rather difficult to fix. Is there a log that provides more information?

Also when PR2 fails, it causes an error in Lightroom if PR2 was run from Lightroom.
"IAn internal error has occurred: LrCatalog:addPhoto: no file at path
or an internal import error

I’ve done some more research there seems to be at least 2 issues here.

  1. Windows 11 has controls in settings about what apps are allow to use the GPU. The default setting is to allow windows to decide which apps can use the GPU. There are several issues here…
    1a) If the setting is for “High performance” (exclusive use?) and PR can’t get access PR fails the whole batch it was processing. Apparently it doesn’t check but once.
    1b) In “Power Saving” mode it alternates between error pattern of 1a and 1c.
    1c) The first 4 conversion generate black dng files, but affter that it seems to work.
    1d) If PR is set not to use the graphics card, it apparently tries 4 times ( 4 black dng files, and 4 error mgsgs) followed by successful conversions.

Problem 2) If PR is run out of Lightroom and there is an error in PR processing, the import back into LR fails with one of several internal errors. LR typically has to be closed and restarted to recover from this. The work around is to run PR out of explorer (browse or drag and drop) and not out of LR. Then Synchronize the folders after PR completes.