Bug with opacity slider in v5 Color Efex

I’m finding sometimes that when adding multiple filters, the opacity slider does not work properly when there is no mask/control point used and you are just using the filter globally across the entire image. Instead of gradually fading out the effect of the filter I was finding that sometimes it just turns the filter from “on” to “off” with no gradation, when moving the opacity slider. This is on latest build on Windows 10 and used within Photoshop.

I have the same observed on Mac.

This is strange, because the opacity works for me using Lightroom or Photoshop on Windows 11, but opacity does NOT work when running Color Efex 5 on my MacBook - it’s either all (100%) or nothing (anything other than 100%). Also, Color Efex 5 crashes when used from PhotoLab on Mac, but does not crash when used from Lightroom (but does not crash on Windows 11). So I’m only using it on Windows until they get that opacity slider fixed (I use it a lot).

@barthovis So it looks like it works on Win 11, but not on Win 10 or Mac…

Yes, lucky I have one computer and OS it works on :smile: As for Color Efex 5 crashing when used from PhotoLab on Mac Monterrey, I find that odd because they should have tested it very carefully (although they appear to be blaming Apple).

They really should have checked this on Win 10 as well as Win 11 tbh I mean the opacity functionality is a pretty key thing when using multiple filters

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Well I logged this with customer support. They got me to uninstall and then reinstall. Worked for 2 images and now it’s back to not working properly again :frowning:

Update - I think I found a workaround - disabling use of GPU inside Color Efex seems to squash this bug. In my case my GPU is an Nvidia 980

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