Bug when moving images from one folder to another

My configuration:
MacBook Air M1
Big Sur 11.4
PhotoLab 5.1.2 build 53

Hi all
The issue happened occasionally with PL 4. It’s systematic with PL 5.
When I move images from one folder to another the files are actually moved to the destination folder but their thumbnails remain in the filmstrip of the original one. If I click on a different folder and come back to the original then they have disapeared. Since I treat pics by the hundreds and discard usually 3/4 to 1/2 of them I remove these by bulks of 20 (a habit since using OpticsPro that didn’t like moving too many at a time) in a special “Trash” folder that allows me to check them in case I have a second thought before erasing them. Then I dispatch the pics I keep in their respective folders so the chore continues.
This bug is very annoying. It’s too bad for a soft that works perfectly well.
TIA for your help if there is a solution.


Same thing for me on PhotoLab 5. This is systematic: it does not refresh the contents of the folder when moving the images.

I’m on a MabBook Pro Intel Core i7 and Big Sur 11.6.4 (last update).


Hi Olivier
Are there other people experiencing the same bug?
Did you find a better workaround than mine?
Do you know if they plan to correct the bug?

I’ve just tested its PL5, and I have the same issue.

Interestingly, on the “unremoved” thumbnail I’ve created a Virtual copy, and it has been created in the new folder and does not appear in the original folder…

I can confirm this on MBAir M1, PL5, OS Monterey 12.2

That’s nuts!

Does anyone know if this happens on Windows too?

I just tested on Windows and it seems to work.
When I do ALT + Click it moves the files on the new folder removes the thumbnails on the original folder.

Edit: not < ALT+ click > but < SHIFT + click >

Funny…on my windows system I have to use Shift + Click to move, without Shift it is a copy, and with Alt also ???

Yes, < Shift + click > to move everything – otherwise copy.

Yes excuse me it’s SHIFT+Click

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I did several tests with different modifier keys and combinations thereof and it’s always the same.
Does DxO care?

Püüüüühhhh :hugs:


There is no workaround other than click on a different folder and come back into the first one.
That’s a very annoying bug !

I don’t know if this bug was reported to DXO and then, if they have a plan to fix it.


Maybe there’s a shortcut to refresh directory reading on disks that could work and be faster than using mouse and several clics (like F5 on PC) ? And this without changing selected directory. (I’m not a mac user - only from time to time).

Command + R works within browser maybe give it a chance

It rotates the image. I tried practically all the possible shortcuts and none work.

There are no shortcut for this according to the documentation

None of these work on a Mac.

Yes it’s F5 for Windows and we see that for Mac there is nothing