Bug when copying adjustments

PL 6.5.1b49

In answering this question I went on to copy the adjustments I had made to another virtual copy.

Here is the original edited image, with its adjustments showing…

Here is the untouched VC…

And here is what happens when I paste the adjustment from the first to the second…

It seems the Control Line masks have been inverted or something…

@sgospodarenko would you like to pass this on urgently?

Does not happen on my iMac (DPL on macOS 12.6.5)

Replied via DM with shared files

It seems, somehow, without my doing it consciously, the VC got reframed. I don’t know why or how.

Anyway - panic over.

@sgospodarenko I’ll let you now if it happens again.

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It seems to depend of the images. Maybe orientation tags.
This happens to me sometime. I even got some 90 deg rotation of some control lines.

Maybe cropping confuses the copy an unexpected way too.

WIndows version here.