Bug tracking system needed


OK, we have understood that nobody at DxO will ever answer to requests posted here. However, many of these requests are related to reported bugs.

There was a time when software publishers were so kind to offer a bug tracking system to which any user had access and could check whether or not reported bugs were taken into account, and if so, what progress had been made in correcting them.

This had the advantage of saving everyone time and unnecessary guesswork.

DxO have decided to process bug reports on an individual basis. This is the wrong choice. The same bug will be reported multiple times and this generates confusion and fruistration.

Why not go for a win-win solution ?

Hey @Pat91 , is this really a PureRAW topic?

I’d put this thread into the general forum category for wider reach.

Sorry. I regularly make this kind of mistake.

I find that it’s possible to reassign a thread to another topic/category after it’s been created. But I understand wanting to start the topic clean to avoid confusion.

I didn’t find how to do that. Maybe this is a privilege for admins.