BUG? Silver Efex Pro 2 Compare button compares with default preset, not unprocessed layer

In other plugins e.g. Analog Efex Pro 2, the Compare button flips back to the unprocessed layer for comparison while held down.

However, in Silver Efex Pro 2, clicking and holding the Compare button displays the current layer processed with the default Silver Efex Pro 2 preset. The first time I click it, the image flashes briefly.

Shouldn’t this behave as it does in Analog Efex?

On Windows 7x64 Pro, Photoshop CC 2018

Hello @craftycurate,

Thank you for the report.
Well, the behavior is exactly the same as it was with Google NIK (it’s the same for any host app, I mean any version of LR or PS).
But I agree with you, it would be more logical to display the original image for a comparison. We will investigate it.

Update: We’ve decided to change the behavior to make it equal with other plugins. So the issue will be fixed.

Svetlana G.

That’s great.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check the behaviour against the old Google version of Silver Efex because the Dxo Nik installation overwrote the Google version without warning or permission. (not appreciated)