Bug report in NIK Collection 5

I have to report a bug in NIK Collection 5;
Because of the small fontsize and the lack of contrast in the new UI I have a need for (temporarily) change the monitor scaling every time I use the NIK collection. But when I do that the controlpoints are getting all wacky. When I activate the ‘show mask’ function it shows that the area effected is way off to the side from the area underneath the actual controlpoint. Only when I’m in the native 4K resolution do the controlpoints actually effect the chosen area directly underneath the controlpoints. I hope this can soon be fixed by the development team!


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Wow, I hope that can be fixed soon. Thanks for posting about it here!

Additionally, I suggest reporting this bug through support.dxo.com. That’s the way to be sure that DxO developers look at the problem. It also gives them a way to contact you if they need more information. While some of PhotoLab’s developers are fairly active on the forums here, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Nik Collection.

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Thank you for your reply!
Yes I will report back to the developers, as you said. But first I will do some more testing to be more specific about the problem. For instance I will see if the problem stems from the fact that my new monitor BenQ PD3220U is hooked up via Thunderbolt 3 to my M1 Mac Mini (which my old wasn’t). (The new edition of NIK Collection arrived here exactly the same time I got a new monitor incidentally.)
Secondly, I will look deeper into if this is a problem connected to both the plug-ins and stand-alone versions of NIK Collection.
Thirdly, I will try the Control Points in all NIK applications before I report back to the team.

Thank you for your keen interest. Much appreciated!