/BUG/ presets not applied during DxO PL6 -> DxO PL6 export ( round trip )


DxO PL6.5.0 / Windows

export to application → exporting to DxO PL6 itself ( for example “Export as DNG (Denoise & Optical Corrections only)” ) → when resulting linear DNG is opened in DxO PL6 neither preset set in settings for RAW images nor preset set in setting for RGB images will be applied… which is very very irritating !


… your DNG output is not new to PL

sure… and what makes it " not new " to PL ?

turns out a couple of tags that DxO writes in linear DNG

so just running a script with

exiftool -CreatorTool= -Software= %1 -overwrite_original

before invoking DxO PL executable makes the linear DNG perfectly new ( to PL ) and preset applies as it shall be

PS1: removing either tag works, but I remove both just in case

PS2: so we shall file it as a particular way of writing a code over there :laughing:

Mr/Mrs noname,

did you check with …
when you want ot apply more than Denoise & opitcal corrections?

why 'd I do this if the whole point was to round trip w/ only Denoise applied ?

see there are various reasons to round-trip for some people - in my case, for example, I am not a big fun of a small preview “window” in DxO PL6 to see how DeepPrime XD goes - so I do round trip so that I can happily work (in DxO PL6 mind you ! ) on a raw file post demosaick w/o a need to peep through a keyhole … and if DxO did block users from being able to setup a default preset for linear DNGs it generates ( so not a bug but intentional design ) then I color it stupid ( design )… user shall have options and be able to decide

Why not just export to same directory as original file? The new file will appear next to the original in the film strip and then you can edit it as you like - very simple with an export preset.

exporting (“Export to Disk”) linear DNG from DxO PL6 [ using “Export as DNG (Denoise & Optical Corrections only)” ] to same directory ( or not ) and opening that linear DNG again in DxO PL6 ( one more unnecessary step for a user , and no - it will not appear in a filmstrip +++ ) does not result in DxO PL6 applying presets that were set for either RAW or RGB images… so a user have to manually apply that default preset ( one more unnecessary step for a user , that will be what ? two extra steps by now )

as for “then you can edit it as you like” - did you read the the original post ? I can edit whatever I like as I like - but I do not waste my time repeatedly applying default presets… waiting for a next passer-by to suggest me to fix the presets that DxO PL6 ships.

PS: +++ DxO PL6 is initially started from FRV w/ a raw file to work with as a parameter… so that’s why ( not appearing ) and in any case as I noted opening it will not result in Dxo PL6 applying default presets

I will add to this… if you open “Advanced History” palette you will see that DxO PL6 insinuates that “5-No Correction” preset was applied upon opening a linear DNG generated by DxO PL6… it is not exactly true… if you then immediately go and manually apply that same “5-No Correction” preset you shall see that it is not what was in fact applied by DxO PL6 when it states in “Advanced History” palette that “5-No Correction” preset was applied - you can save both editing “states” ( one that was immediately after opening and another when you manually apply “5-No Correction” next) as presets ( files ) and compare both ( using fc or whatever utility your want to use ) - a lot of differences…

And then you can’t modify “5-No Correction” as it is not exposed as a file for a user to mod