Bug or Request ? - - Highlight clipping is not functioning in Local Adjustment mode

It would be handy to have ability to activate Highlight-clipping whilst in LA mode … as that’s a good reason to be using LAs (to reduce highlights in selective areas).

If that’s not readily do-able, for now, then the Highlight-clipping button should be disabled when Local Adjustment mode is active (to avoid user confusion).

John M


I’ve noticed that, sometimes, if I have Highlight-clipping activated before I enter LA mode then Highlight-clipping is visible in LA mode … but, Highlight-clipping cannot be activated OR de-activated from within LA mode. So, I reckon this is a bug.

Hello John,

It’s a known issue that Highlight/Shadow clipping is not stable with LC. But it’s already a story to implement it. So you should just wait it to be implemented.

Svetlana G.