Bug on thumbnails in the photo library (duplicate or triple images etc)

Good morning,
I have a folder full of images. And I have the same as a backup copy on an external SSD…
When I look at the images from the main file (on the computer) no problem. Each file appears only once.

But when I look at the backup folder of my external SSD (yet the same folder, just duplicated)… PL7 generates copies for me… Each time I go back to the folder… a copy is created… .

I don’t understand …

This is not a bug, it’s the result of intended “defensive” behaviour by PL …

Its database holds the location of all images you have processed. When you subsequently point PL at your backup drive (the SSD - which has different location metadata), PL sees your sidecar/.dop backups as duplicate correction/processing information - and does not know which one is the “correct” version … So, just to be safe, it creates a Virtual Copy for each “new” instance of your sidecar/.dop files . That’s what you’re seeing in the Browser.


Thanks a lot John for explanation ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it possible to delete all virtual copies quickly ?

Win version has sort-by-VC option (which facilitates group & delete) - - but I don’t believe Mac version does (?)

Unfortunately … not available on Mac … :slightly_frowning_face: