Bug in PL7.01, Rendering always jumps to "Neutral"

I discovered an annoying bug in PL7.01 (on Windows). When I switch to the black and white rendering, and return to the color rendering afterwards, it does not keep the previously set rendering, but always sets the rendering to “Neutral color”.

Color Rendering setting on “DxO - Natural”

Then I switch to Black and white

When I return, the color rendering setting is always set to “Neutral color”

Similarily the other way around, if I set a rendering in Black and white, then I switch to color and return to black and white, the rendering is always reset to “Neutral Black and White”.

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yes – it’s annoying

did you save it as a preset in the preset editor and selected it in PL setting? see attached pictures.
i have no issue on MAC

Then it seems to be a windows only bug, it has nothing to do with the presets, no matter what is set there, it always behaves as described.

indeed, on Windows platform it is one more bug found !

Yes, this bug was noted very early on but was never addressed by DxO.