Bug in PhotoLab 4?

If I want to open some RAW folders, a chronological period 2020_07_30 till 2020_08_16, I become the message: ‘No images selected.’ ‘This folder does not contain any image.’ But they are full of RAW files. All the other folders I can open, but these not.

Afterthat I thought let I click ‘refresh’ and the program freezed.

Hello @Willy1,

You mean there are several folders the content of which is not displayed in PL4?

If yes, please, provide mw with your logs first.
Please, follow the procedure:

  1. Close PL4 and remove the logs here - %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs
  2. Run the app and open those problematic folders.
  3. Close the app, take the logs and attach them here.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Hoi Svetlana,

Because I wanted to work with the files, I deleted the blocked files and refressed their place with back-up files. Also I cannot reproduce it. The attachment DxO crashes was to big to send (52Mb).

Kind regards, Willy

Are your images stored in subfolders or are they all stored in the same folder? For instance I might have a Folder 2020_05_18 with a Subfolder 2020_05_18 and that folder contains a Subfolder 2020_05_18_Pentax_K-3 and a Subfolder 2020_05_18_Nikon_D850 if I click on the 2020_05_18 PL shows this folder does not contain any images but if I drill deeper to the Subfolder 2020-05-18_Pentax_K-3 folder and click on that folder the images load. Are you sure you’re drilling down to the proper folder that contains the images?

I’d the same issue - not repeatable - with PL3 edited pictures. After some time they wasn’t displayed anymore in PL. Solution was to delete all the *.dop files and start again ;-(. I’ve reported the issue but never heard anything back from support.
Interestingly the same issue with some other folders trying to open them using the PL4 trial version, same solution.


I couldn’t find any cause so I deleted all the blocked maps. After that I used backup maps to fill the gap and I had no problem any more. I am a longtime user DxO and had never such a problem.
Map RAW 2020 and inside maps 5D, 5D III and 5Ds and in these maps folders 2020_07_30 et c.
It was in map 5Ds an arbitrary sequence of 5 folders that were blocked. Before and after that sequence not. Why these? I don’t know.
Regards, Willy