Bug in Leica M11 support (missing M11 PROFILE)

DxO PhotoLab and PureRAW added support for Leica M11. M11 raw files contain a default profile (M11 PROFILE). The DNG output from DxO tools is missing that profile, and Lightroom reports a missing profile error in the profile tab. Since the default profile is missing from the DNG, it can no longer be selected in Lightroom.
The bug is present in both PhotoLab 5.4.0 build 72 and DxO PureRAW 2.1.0

Isn’t the M11 Profile Leicas own raw-tag for their Color rendition and not actually a built Color profile?
Usually every manufacturer apply their own interpretation of color. So a raw photo processed in Adobes suite will get a color profile applied which Adobe themselves have decided suitable.

Same with Nikons profiles.
They are only tagged raw files which - if you want Nikons fine tuned color science - you need to use their software.
Every other Software including DxOs will apply their different take on it.


The profile named “PROFILE M11” is embedded in every DNG file generated by Leica M11. Nikon cameras do not embed color profiles in their NEF files (only lens profiles are embedded).
The default profile applied by Adobe for M11 files is the one embedded in the M11 DNG file.
The missing profile causes an error in Lightroom, and the colors are less saturated than the original DNG.



thanks for notification, we’ll have a look to fix it.


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