Bug: Image Filter option, "Unprocessed", wrongly excludes some images


One has been working on a number of images; Some of them have been processed in an earlier session - some of them have not yet been processed at all (new images) - and some are images one has re-worked (their status is now “Modified since last export”)

In order to select all images now ready for export, one uses the Filter option to select all “Unprocessed” images.

Unexpected result … a bug, in my opinion;

Only images that have never been exported/processed are selected … Images with status “Modified since last export” are excluded.

It seems quite wrong to me that this category is NOT deemed to be “Unprocessed”.

John M

Hello @John-M ,

I have to disagree with you here. As we provided a more selective way: you can select only “Unprocessed” or only “Modified since last export” or both:


So they are excluded from “Unprocessed” on purpose.

Svetlana G.

Yes, I see that, Svetlana - but one has to be conscious of making two separate selections … I’ll bet this catches out many users.


Okay :slight_smile: , then let’s see other users’ opinion.

Svetlana G.

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I think the separation is fine, but I do not like the wording. For me, “processed” means, that the image has been edited. I think “exported” would be a better word, and it is also congruent with the “Modified since last export”.

So the names could be:

  • Never exported
  • Cannot be exported
  • Awaiting exporting
  • Exporting
  • Exporting error occured
  • Exported
  • Modified since last export

How about being congruent by not change “processing”, but alter that last entry to “Modified since last processing”?
Although I agree with @maderafunk about the part of information important to the user, from the (sometimes too limited) view of a programmer it’s the processing which is important. For me as user the result is important, not so much the way to it.
And I don’t get the point of filtering for “processing” files - they just show up, as long as they are in the processing. Depending on how many files may be processed at once, they show up and disappear quickly.

The only change I would make is:

Modified since last export → Modified since last processed

Those would make wording consistent with all other options.


Yes, that would help with consistency …

And, if Modified since last processed was re-located to just below Unprocessed then that would help to remind users that these two filters must be used in combination (if one is aiming to select all unprocessed images for export/processing).

John M

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Good morning!

The suggestion about the wording to the attention of @StevenL .

Thank you
Svetlana G.


Yes, this makes sense (wording + position in the menu).
Thanks :+1:


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