/BUG/ find a PL bug in the posted screenshot


PL6 & PL7 on Widows

find a bug in 5 sec


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Hmmm, whiter than white? “Off by one errors” are a thing in computer science. :slight_smile:

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I can’t reproduce it. I guess this is a great example of the idiom “off the charts”!


you need magic powers :slight_smile: … once I get to a proper computer I might share a partial preset that shall help you to get such powers

Seems it was fixed, at least in PL 7.1.0 Build 94.

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and 5.x, 6.x latest

Just a guess - noname will probably demonstrate that in PL white is not white exactly, but is clipped a bit prematurely. There will then ensue a discussion as to whether this has any “real world” significance.

that was just a UI bug ( my post with preset that illustrated the error was deleted because of some small-minded people who / they know who they are / did not like a picture included there just for fun ) when having a certain numeric value applied through preset can result that same value displayed in UI going above 255 during following adjustments

no big implications otherwise, but nevertheless it was/is a bug - reported, hopefully fixed and hopefully resulting in some additional code review to avoid similar classic errors elsewhere that actually might result in serious errors like still ever present bugs w/ clipping raw data and generating DNG files resulting in magenta tint when used in other applications

PS: I still can’t believe that UI control did not have any bounds checks attached